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Life Insurance Reimagined: How to Target and Convert Customers

The life-insurance industry is experiencing a period of radical change. Innovation in technology and data capabilities are progressing at blistering pace, creating profound opportunities for carriers to operate more efficiently and serve their customers better. The pandemic has further changed customer expectations and underscored the urgency for carriers to move away from a product-centric to a customer-centric model. As a carrier, you need to know about what your customers and peers are doing and Insurtech Insights have teamed up with EIS on a series of webinars powered by exclusive research. This brand-new B2B plus B2C research covers both carriers and insurance customers for a 360-degree of emerging trends and top priorities. We’re kicking off our four-part series with a look at distribution and purchase journeys. 74 percent of carriers believe that insurance products are too complex, and 68 percent believe that customers face a problem with lack of knowledge and guidance on product options. Join our panel of experts as we discuss these issues and share examples of how life insurers are using technology to effectively target and convert customers.